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Property Management Services in Chattanooga, TN

Property Management Services

The Real Estate you own are major investments. You want to do everything possible to keep them in top condition so that their values remain as high as possible. Additionally, you want to handle leasing in a manner that helps you approach, as close as possible to, 100% occupancy. However, managing even a single building can be time-consuming. When you need help taking care of your investment properties, turn to EnCompass South for exceptional property management services.

Our team has the experience and skill to make sure your properties operate efficiently. We understand the specific needs of diverse types of properties, such as, shopping centers, office buildings, multi-family facilities, and home owner associations. You want to make sure that the facilities are welcoming and safe for customers, residents and clients. Additionally, you want all of the tenants, residents, and retailers to be successful so that they will continue their relationship with you into the future. We enhance your investment by providing complete property management.

If you own an office building, apartment complex or rental homes, you have the same concerns as a shopping center owner. We will meet your needs with effective property management. From advertising vacancies to collecting rent, from accounting to physical maintenance, from safety to security, we solve your management needs. Contact us for a consultation.

Shopping Center Management & Leasing

Managing a shopping center takes a great deal of dedication. Depend on us to ease your workload. We're known for excellence in the field of managing shopping centers in the Southeast. We have a Senior Certified Shopping Center Manager on our staff.

Complex Exterior

Front Lobby

Available Property

Office Management & Leasing

At EnCompass South®, we have years of experience in the management and leasing of offices properties. We find tenants for your office building, manage the leases, and handle the property management services, such as maintenance, rent collection, and more. In addition, our firm provides additional services for building and grounds upkeep that includes parking maintenance, lot striping, pressure washing, lawn care, and landscaping.

Homeowner’s Association Management

Our firm is here to serve you. When you have our firm take care of the responsibilities of Association management, you increase efficiency in your operation and remove the politics that hinder progress. Our diplomatic and property centered focus enhances value and saves board member time, energy, and money.

Multi-Family Property Management

Let us make it easy, convenient, and profitable for you to own investment property. You do not have to take on any of the landlord duties. Leave that to our company. You do not have to evict tenants, find new tenants, make arrangements for cleaning and repair, or respond to late-night or weekend emergencies. Our firm handles all of that for you with the expertise that ensures cost savings.

We have proven ourselves more than capable to commercial and residential clients over the last 30 years. We have developed a reputation for being honest, trustworthy, and reliable. These are precisely the qualities you need in a leasing and property management company. Contact us for a consultation so that we can discuss all of the details to our mutual benefit.

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Property Management and Maintenance Services

As a business or homeowner, it's important to remember the first impression that your property gives off. Ensure that your friends, family, and customers are impressed by the upkeep of your home or business. Our hardworking professionals are dedicated to keeping your property in top condition. We offer a large selection of property management services in Chattanooga, TN, for both commercial and residential customers, including:

  • Garage Sweeping
  • Trash Removal
  • Lawn Care & Maintenance
  • Seal-coating